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US Ambassador Ted Osius' visit to Vietnam National University, Hanoi

During the reception, the two sides reviewed the cooperation activities between VNU and the US Embassy and other US partners in recent years and discussed future cooperation perspectives.
VNU President Phùng Xuân Nhạ said that VNU had had good relations with the US Embassy in Vietnam through many activities, especially the organization of the Vietnam - US Education Cooperation Conference in 2010. The US Embassy also strongly assisted VNU in establishing and developing partnerships with American partners. VNU has developed cooperation with leading US universities through faculty and student exchanges, co-organization of conferences and seminars, and co-design of joint training and collaborative research programs.

US Ambassador Ted Osius extended his thanks to VNU leaders for their warm welcome and affirmed that the US Embassy in Vietnam and he himself were willing to provide opportunities for American universities, research institutes and organizations to discuss perspectives for specific cooperation programs with VNU.

The ambassador also affirmed that education cooperation was one of the priorities in his ambassador term. That was also the reason why he had chosen Vietnam National University, Hanoi to convey his message on the upcoming cooperation policy with Vietnam through a speech to hundreds of VNU’s lecturers and students; the speech was the ambassador’s first official one since his credential presentation and the start of his ambassador term in December, 2014.

Talking about the Vietnam – US cooperation policy after 20 years, Ambassador Ted Osius highlighted the comprehensive partnership, the current status of Vietnam - US relations and their development prospects in the next 20 years and beyond.

Osius said, like Vietnam, the United States wanted peace and stability in the region, especially in the East Sea. The ambassador believed that the territorial disputes had to be peacefully resolved through diplomatic channels and in accordance with international law.
In response to the ambassador’s openness, ​​ VNU students raised questions about the opportunities generated from the increasingly close relations between the two countries and received encouragement-filled answers from the ambassador. 

After the talk, Ambassador Ted Osius, VNU leaders and the leaders of VNU University of Languages and International Studies participated in a memorial tree planting activity in commemoration of the Vietnamese New Year’s tree planting tradition. 

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